WATER MAGIC - The Beginning

Healing Bath recipes for the Body, Spirit and Soul

The bath can be the one oasis of pleasure and solitude that’s always at your fingertips. It can be a time of tranquil refreshment in this frenetic, evermore demanding world.

This book is written to tell you about the extraordinary possibilities for healing, pleasure, beauty, and spiritual growths that baths can provide. Over the centuries, people of wisdom have divined many secrets surrounding the ritual of bathing. There are baths to soothe the emotions, baths to heal illness, and baths to rejuvenate. There are baths with metaphysical properties that can cleanse the aura, open the intuition, clear away negativity, and help the spirit soar.

Come with me on a watery journey of enlightenment to discover the sensual, spiritual, and sybaritic pleasures waiting in your bathtub. I invite you to learn to make a self‐indulgent ritual of what may have seemed, up to now, an ordinary, everyday necessity. Once you’ve let yourself drift into this world of ritual bathing, you may find that your mind eddies out far beyond the bathtub, into the great cosmic ebb and flow of the universe.


Mary’s Story

I came from a family that was deeply immersed in the mystery and magic of the Ukraine. Gypsies with crystal balls and tea leaves, earth elementals who lived in the snow‐crystal mountains, werewolves and wizards were all part of my ordinary reality.

My own intuition into my special spiritual gifts came at age five, when a golden been appeared in my bedroom. I ran to embrace him and he vanished, but his shimmering memory remained in my conscious‐ness, a harbinger of gifts to come.

By the time I had completed my education in the United States and began teaching college, my life had been guided by many strange metaphysical occurrences. But it wasn’t until I met Pat Rodergast, the world‐famous channel of the spirit guide Emmanuel, that I accepted the esoteric path I was meant to travel.

Pat told me I was a healer, and that I must prepare myself for the healing work the universe expected of me. So, I began to study, little realizing what an adventurous and circuitous road this would become, and where it would eventually lead.


My Childhood

When I was growing up, I would tell my mother my dreams and she would tell me my future. Of course she was always right, and I grew up thinking that all mothers had her powers.

My father was a bit psychic, also. He told me his destiny was “read” by a famous opera singer, who was a cousin of the czar. She predicted his coming to the U.S. and told him of the main events in his life there. He has another quite useful gift. When playing blackjack he always has a feeling come over him that tells him his instinctively which card is coming up next. He loves to gamble occasionally, and when he does he always wins. When I was small, if we were at a fair and there was a prize I wanted him to win for me, he’d simply pick out the number, spin the wheel, and I’d have my doll or stuffed animal. Once we were thrown out of the amusement park for winning too many prizes!

There was always talk in our house of ghosts, and of Gypsies’ unerring predictions. Psychic readers were everywhere in the Ukraine. The future was not a mystery‐one simply had to ask.

Being brought up entwined in my family’s heritage, I didn’t discover until college that all the world wasn’t like my home. In fact, all my friends wanted me to predict their futures and interpret their dreams. It was a part of me to know things others did not know.

My mother’s father was an aristocratic landowner. Her grandmother was said to be a psychic and a witch doctor. In my mother’s village in the Carpathian Mountains (and in all the surrounding villages) there were many psychics and healers. The people there did not believe in doctors (or have any available to go); if you were ill you went to a witch doctor or healer.

Everyone believed in nature spirits. The blades of grass could talk to each other, as did the trees. And all spirits of both the animal and plant kingdoms must be treated with respect due them as our elder brethren on the planet.

The main healers of the Ukraine were the elder people of the villages. They had old knowledge of flowers, herbs, and roots, and could cure any disease, even cancer. Aloe Vera was used as a popular cure for stomach ailments, and every home grew its share.

Most of these people were killed by Stalin and the Russian Revolutionary leaders in the purging of the Ukraine. Sadly, much of their great knowledge has died with them.


Early Wanderings on the Path

In my early twenties I began a spiritual quest. I wanted to know more about the spiritual and mystical side of life, as my Catholic upbringing left too many questions unanswered. I searched out mystics, Shamans, gurus, healers, rabbis, priests‐in short, anyone who could guide me on this mysterious journey.

Through the years of guided searching and study I learned how to develop my psychic and healing powers; how to open my spiritual energy centers, or chakras, and then release the latent powers within me; and, finally how to perceive reality’s physical, subtle, and casual planes and how to integrate the mind, body, and spirit on these three levels.

Time spent in meditation and Yoga opened all my major senses to the point where my dreams would often predict the next day’s events, replete with the exact time of events taking place.

In 1977, my friends told me about a chiropractor/doctor in New York City who was a powerful healer. I decided to consult with him regarding a neck injury that was causing me a great deal of pain. Although I had seen several specialists without getting relief, he cured me after only three sessions using a combination of chiropractic sacral/ occipital techniques (SOT) and vitamin therapy. He explained to me that my energy had to be balanced working with the acupuncture meridians of the body before I could be healed. This had quite a profound effect on me, and I wanted to know everything I could about healing via these mysterious energy currents. He and I became friends, and he opened many doors to the world of natural healing. He took me to alternative medicine conventions, where people such as naturopaths, homeopaths, nutritionists, physicists, medicinal doctors, and healers all came to share their knowledge with each other. They opened my eyes and mind to a much wider reality than I had dreamed of before.


Pat Rodegast Sees My Future

I moved to Westport, Connecticut, in the late 1970s, and shortly after my arrival I was introduced to the famous psychic Pat Rodegast, whom I mentioned earlier. Pat is the author of the best‐selling book Emmanuel, which is about the channeled wisdom of a disincarnate entity who gives loving and very intelligent advice to us mortals about our place in the universe. Pat travels extensively giving seminars and workshops on spiritual topics.

Once while doing a reading or me, she stopped and looked at me intensely, then said “What are you doing here! you should be doing what I’m doing!” A few years later, Pat paid me the highest compliment possible by asking me to “read” her on various occasions. She urged me to recognize my powers to heal, as healing was my destiny.

Pat was a wonderful guide and mentor for me, and we both saw clearly the majesty and truth in the mind/body/spirit connection. We started an experimental healing group, working with psychotherapists.

My therapists delved into a psychological areas of the person being healed, Pat would work on the psychic level, and I would work on their bodies, releasing blocked energies that were causing illness or pain. During these sessions, we explored how vital these three aspects of a person’s being are in the healing process.


Soon, many, many extraordinary paths opened up to me.

I studied philosophies with every reputable healer I could find: herbology, natural healing, homeopathy, crystals, reflexology laying on of hands, tarot, astrology, metaphysics, Polarity Therapy. I began to see that each of these philosophies had an important piece of the puzzle to bestow.

The most important of the healers I studied with was Dr. Pierre Pannetier. Dr Pannetier was the son of a French brain surgeon; his mother was a French/Cambodian Buddhist. During World War II, Pierre was stationed in the South Pacific, where there is a long tradition of witch

doctors and shamans. A highly a highly respected shaman recognized in Pierre’s aura an unusual power, and predicted he would live through the war and go on to become a great healer.

Unfortunately, due to a severe lack of water, many units in his area of the war were deprived of drinking water, and while at sea the men had to survive for long periods on alcohol. Because of this, his liver was badly damaged, so after the war, he sought out Dr Randolf Sone, who had founded Polarity Therapy. Dr Stone not only cured him of his liver ailment and lower‐back paralysis through Polarity, but he took hi on as a student.

Dr. Stone was an osteopath and chiropractor, as well as an ordained minister. He was frustrated by traditional healing methods and by the lack of patient‐responsiveness to conventional medicine. Dr. Stone began a search for answers that led him to a guru/healer in India, who taught hi the Indian Ayurvedic arts, spiritual healing, and how energy works in the body to channel the life force. He then studied Chinese acupuncture, and finally, he combined both Eastern and Western medical concepts into what he called Polarity Therapy‐which integrated the body/mind/spirit connection on a very subtle and sophisticated level.

When explaining energy and the healing process, Dr. Stone said “the simple facts are similar to the irrigation of the fields of the earth. The farmer goes along with a shovel and removes the waste that collects in ditches. It is as plain as that, when life is understood.” Dr. Stone named Dr. Pannetier as his successor to carry on his teachings when he retired and moved to India.

I studied with the remarkable Dr. Pannetier for six years and became his apprentice. He stayed with me for many extended visits, and I attended his workshops, as both student and assistant. When he retired, he told me he wished me to teach and carry on his work.

At first I practiced on my friends to see how well my healing abilities worked; soon they were sending their friends and families to me. The doctors and therapists invited me to work with them, and before I knew it, I had a new career.

Yet in my heart, I always knew I was a healer. Ever since I can remember, friends and strangers would come to me for help and advice. Even my parents stopped going to doctors as often, for the said my gifts were better.

In my search for the truth, I have traveled extensively seeking out shamans and other healers, psychics and prophets, wanting to explore the mysteries hidden in other cultures and religions. I’ve seen and experienced many wonders in my quest. In Brazil I was put into a trance by a Macumba priest as a form of tribute to my psychic powers. It was a rare honor for an outsider to be permitted to participate in their rituals. In Bali, I observed an entranced healer who cured a woman of paralysis through communication with her ancestors and the gods. For the Balinese, the trance is a part of everyday life. I observed a young men put into a trance by temple prints in ceremonies who became possessed by Ragdah (the most evil which) so that they pierced their chests with kids swords, but because they were in an altered state, there was no blood, and their cuts healed with natural swiftness.

At a fire dance the power of the mind over the body was demonstrated as I watched a village boy in a trance dance over fire without a single burn. The audience actually was burned by the ashes he picked up, while he danced unscathed through the flames.

I met crystal healers in Brazil and studied with a Cherokee Indian woman who taught me about the rituals of crystals. I studied with a Jain monk (Acharya Sushil Kumasi Maharaj) who taught me much about color therapy, energetic healing, out‐of‐body travel, visualization, mind power, and how to develop clairvoyance. He was a world leader for peace and head of the peaceful and powerful Jain region.

I’ve wandered the world amassing esoteric knowledge from myriad sources, healing and teaching and now, through this book sharing what I’ve learned on a grander scale.

We all have that power to heal‐ourselves and others. I offer the knowledge in this book to you in the hope that it may enhance your life and help you take another step along the wondrous road to enlightenment.





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