Mary Muryn, founder and creator of Bali Radiance, began working closely with essential oils and healing remedies while writing her first book in 1995, “Water Magic: Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit and Soul” where she drew upon the unique properties of aromatherapy, herbology and homeopathic cures.
Since then she has continued to put her knowledge and passion for health and wellness to use in various ways by incorporating her training in holistic healing with the field’s most prominent experts. Mary has been a consultant to professionals in the fields of psychiatry and chiropractics, among others and has led corporate seminars in motivation and visualisation. 

Her work has been featured on network television programs and in publications across the USA, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Fitness, Women’s Day, Spa, Brides, Martha Stewart and the New York Times. A prolific author in her own right, Mary has been a consultant expert for Rodale Press and written for consumer publications worldwide. Her books on holistic healing have been published in 13 countries and she continues to gain acclaim and recognition as a holistic healing practitioner and teacher in the US and Asia. 

Mary cooperates with university professors and foundations in Bali to formulate organic essential oils that become Bali Radiance products. Her mission is to help each person discover the power of healing and renewal within themselves; to inspire each person to treasure Nature, the sacred source from which this power flows. 

Author of Water Magic & Spa Magic - available on Amazon.