The Bali Radiance collection will add a beautiful and authentic natural range to your store. Our beautifully designed and packaged products inspire store buyers and clients alike, and continue to be popular sellers.

Contact us to discuss the Bali Radiance range, and discover how this can be added to enhance your store.

Please note that registration and approval is required to become a wholesaler. We also have a minimum first order purchase as well as minimum purchases on continued orders. Do not hesitate to contact us and chat about the options available to make Bali Radiance a part of your valued retail range.




As creators of our own essential oils and signature scents, we offer a very unique service of making your own signature scents to reflect the beauty, surrounds, environment and experience of your destination.

Whether we re-formulate our current tried and tested blends, or explore new possibilities with your own visions for a signature scent, we take huge pride & satisfaction in creating something very special for you.

With your new scent we create the branding and packaging that ties the new scent range together with a visual tie-in to match interiors and surrounds. Nothing can be more personalized than a range of specially created signature scents that capture the imagination and experience for your clients.

Our Signature Scent service is offered to hotels and resorts along with specially approved projects. Creating your signature scent & packaging requires important lead times. This allows us time to explore, work with you & create something amazing that we will all be proud of. Please contact us to arrange  a time to chat about your signature scent.